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Vegan Wines

Isn't wine made from grapes and therefore vegan by nature? Yes, but the process used to make wine can include the use of products that are not vegan. It also depends on the wine, the producer, and the vintage.

What is veganism anyway?

Veganism can be a diet or a lifestyle choice, depending on your beliefs and devotion. If it is a lifestyle choice, everything from your shampoo to clothing will be free from animal products and mistreatment of animals. If it is a diet choice, then everything you eat and drink will be free from animal products and will have caused no harm to animals.

Fermentation and Fining Wine: The process used to make wine involves adding yeast to the grapes to start fermentation. Some wine makers speed up the fermentation process to capture sediment and clarify/fining the wine by adding animal proteins. Fining stops the wine from being cloudy and removes proteins, yeast, and other particles that cloud the wine.

Animal By-Products Sometimes Used in Winemaking:

  • Isinglass (from fish bladders)

  • Gelatin (from boiled cow or pig body parts)

  • Albumin (egg whites)

  • Casein (animal milk protein)

For the most part, winemakers use a more natural process of clarification/fining by using Bentonite, a clay like substance, and even better yet, some wine makers let the wine self-clarify and stabilize without adding anything. This blogpost from The Wine Wankers explains that process in more detail.

Leary's Liquor Cabinet suggests that wine lovers who are strict vegans contact the wine makers or review their websites to inquire about the process they use to clarify as most winemakers don't label their wines "vegan" even though the process they use is vegan.

According to Vegan.com Yellowtail's red wines are vegan, but the whites and rosé are not.

We have Yellowtail in stock for our strictly vegan customers.

YELLOW TAIL Cabernet Sauvignon sells at $11.99 and is a great Australian wine.

So be sure to do your research, because the label might not say "Vegan" but the wine might be.


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