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10 Reasons To Shop Local

We love the variety here at Leary’s Liquor Cabinet. We are all about choices, matching people’s tastes with wines we know they will love. From big labels to boutique brands, we have what you are looking for. We like variety in stores also. However, shopping local provides many important benefits for our customers, our community, and the environment.

Here are ten reasons why shopping local is better.

  1. We’ve got unique labels, and you won’t find them at the big box stores. We sell what you want, not what we want you to buy, making sure you’ve purchased the right product for you.

  2. Shopping local keeps Main Street alive and well, ensuring that local economy stays strong.

  3. Individual and unique stores add a distinct charm to a community and neighborhood.

  4. Our staff gets to know you and your tastes; therefore, our customer service is better.

  5. Local businesses contribute to local taxes, keeping infrastructure in better condition.

  6. Local businesses also give back to local and larger charities. We care about our customers.

  7. Shopping local creates a sense of community within your town or neighborhood. You’ll get to know people and develop long lasting friendships within the community.

  8. Local business owners are more likely to invest in the community’s future.

  9. Shopping locally is good for the environment, less driving means less gas used, less traffic on major highways and the bonus is you are not sitting in traffic on I95 or the Post Road. When you shop local, you not only save on fuel costs, but you'll also save on environmental costs.

  10. We provide jobs within the community.

When it comes to shopping local, we know that customers are making a deliberate choice to come to our store, and we are grateful that they made a choice to shop at Leary’s Liquor Cabinet.

Saturday, November 25th is small business day, but let’s make small business day every day and preserve this vibrant and charming community we love.

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