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Relax, Rest, Repeat...

With July drawing to a close, we here at Leary’s Liquor Cabinet wanted to wish all families who are packing up and leaving town for their vacations to have a restful, relaxing and safe break.

You deserve it!

Bring the board games, the beach balls, the Frisbee, the DVD’s, the sunscreen, and bring a few good beach books too.

Before you pack up and leave town though, we urge you to stock up on some quintessential summer favorites such as our Rosés (Largest Variety) , Tito’s Vodka (Lowest Price Allowed by Law) , Summer Beers (While stocks last) and all your favorite wine and liquor needs. Pay us a visit; we will help with your selection.

Remember, when you shop local, you save in so many ways. 

Safe travels to you, wherever your destination might be, and let us know about your adventures when you return.

Please remember to drink responsibly and that you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase or drink liquor in every state in the US.

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