• Loretto Leary

Bisson - The Original Prosecco

#Prosecco lovers will be interested in this article from # winespectator -

"The Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regional governments have approved a proposal by the Prosecco DOC consortium to allow wineries to use Glera grapes (the main variety used in the sparkler) from vineyards that are not currently included in the appellation. "This decision was actually being discussed as early as March or April," said Enore Ceola, managing director for Mionetto USA. "There was already worry about potential shortage—even [if there was] a regular harvest, [with average yields].""

#Learysliquorcabinet has the ORIGINAL PROSECCO Made with Glera Grapes

#Bisson $15.99 Must be 21+

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