• Loretto

Broken Shed Vodka Tasting

Join Broken Shed's Connecticut Brand Ambassador, Brian Daly, for a sample of this outstanding new vodka at #Learysliquorcabinet on Saturday, January 20th from 2-5pm. "This New Zealand vodka—distilled from whey—is smooth, clean, sweet and surprisingly full bodied for a vodka, featuring light vanilla and anise notes." -Wine Enthusiast 91 POINTS "...with only the very faintest of blueberry and mineral scents. The flavors have an underlying vegetal quality, but for the most part, it is the pure and polished characteristics of the vodka that will impress." Wine and Spirits Magazine "Clean, medium acid, alcohol is smooth yet fiery with medium plus notes of yellow apple, citrus blossom, blood orange, vanilla, caramel, white pepper and a touch of spice." Drink of the Week MUST BE 21+

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