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Kinahan's Irish Whiskey Tasting

Join James Fast of the Winebow Group as he pours samples of this unique Irish whiskey, just in time for Saint Patrick's Day.

Kinahan's Irish Whiskey has been described as having an aroma that is, "very much in the sweet camp with vanilla, marshmallow, and maple syrup notes, but you'll also find breakfast cereal flakes and a little sweet tobacco." Others describe it as, "Sweet and light, with notes of caramel, butter and soft cereals. Subtle orchard fruit develops, along with a touch of cigar box. With white pepper and thyme honey," at the finish. Join us from 4pm-7pm on March 16th at #Learysliquorcabinet MUST BE 21+ You can read more about Kinahan's Irish Whsikey by clicking the link below.

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