• Loretto Leary

5 Wines to Complement those Pancakes 🥞

Shrove Tuesday is named for the custom of Christians being 'shriven' or absolved after confessing sins before Lent.

Early Christians indulged before Ash Wednesday- the start of Lent- to prepare for the days of fasting or abstaining ahead. They over-indulged in things like eggs, bread, and milk/cream.


Eventually, all three became combined into pancakes and they feasted on all three in one dish before abstaining from them for Lent.

Elsewhere in the world, the "over-indulgence" included street festivals and carnivals.

So now you know!

Here are 5 wines to complement pancakes in 5 styles for your dinner tonight!

🥞 Lemon and Sugar Pancakes Lamarca Prosecco $14.99

🥞 American style pancakes with maple syrup Domaine Collin Crement de Limoux Brut Cuvee Rose $18.99

🥞 Chocolate pancakes Smith Woodhouse 2008 Late Bottled Vintage Port $29.99

🥞 Crepe Savoyarde Thevenet & Fils Vin de Bourgogne Le Clos Red Wine 2018 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir $19.99

🥞 Spinach and Ricotta pancakes A to Z Wineworks 2019 A to Z Oregon Pinot Gris $15.99

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

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