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🍷 A Tapestry of Terroir and Taste

It is as if the old masters themselves painted this scene. Like threads on a medieval tapestry, ancient walls and hills weave through the landscape, creating a panorama of antiquity. Tuscany is renowned for its landscape and wines, and Camigliano is known for its Brunello. Today, Armando has chosen a wine that will complement your holiday gatherings.


Gualto Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2016



This wine is made from grapes grown in the best sandy-clay soils of the estate, close to the castle. The micro-climate of Camigliano gives the wine elegance and a personality of bouquet and taste. Gualto has an excellent aging potential thanks to its high quality, its bouquet evolving gracefully over time. The name “Gualto” honors owner Gualtiero Ghezzi.


Deep red color with orange notes. Mature fruit nose of blackberry with notes of licorice, spices, tobacco, and wet earth. Well-structured sip with layered richness, a fine acidity, and marked soft tannins.


The company purchased in 1957 by the father of the current owner, Gualtiero, has obtained, from the end of the 80s, a radical improvement with the implementation of new vineyards (about 100 ha out of 500 ha among olive trees, scrub, and arable land), the construction of a new underground cellar, the purchase of selected barrels, used and dosed in different ways, and of concrete vats.

Gualtiero, helped by new and valid collaborators, has changed the company's organization, whose activity results from coordination between the campaign and the cellar, sales, and communication.

The new vines were planted using clonal selections tested at Pisa University. The winemaking techniques are oriented towards the pursuit of excellence by purchasing French oak barrels of 30 and 60 hl; the grape selection process is carried out manually in the countryside and in the cellar with the most innovative methods to obtain an optimal harvest.

The vineyards today are all organic. Do not forget the tasting cellar and the renovation of old farms and houses in the village to welcome wine lovers. The vineyards are located in the same area with an extension of approximately 100 hectares, but the altitude changes from area to area, and the vineyards are all at an altitude between 250-270 meters above sea level. The geological characteristics are different: some soils are silty sand, others clay, and others with fossils and marl.


The cellar, almost completely underground, was designed by exploiting the slope of the land, whose gradients allowed the installation of terraces with a pleasant visual impact covered with grassy layers.

The ancient tasting cellar, under the walls of the village, with exposed beams and stone walls, offers ample space for wine tasting. Also, if desired, it can be a place for meditation to savor the different vintages of Brunello and understand its visual, olfactory, and gustatory evolution over the years.



Thanks to its structure and elegance, it is perfect with the best Mediterranean specialties and with game, roast meat, or mature cheese.







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