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Cortese —Good Wine comes from an Excellent Grape 🍇

For #Fidelspicks this Saturday, we have the beautiful white wine from Ernesto Picollo's estate.

Gavi del Comune di Gavi "Rovereto" 2021 💲16.99

Located approximately 260 m above sea level, Picollo Ernesto sits proudly on the spot where the cultivation of vineyards and the production of good quality white wine began just over a few hundred years ago. Renowned for the Cortese grape and the spot where the founder of Picollo wines, Lorenzo Picollo began his winemaking three generations ago— this is the Gavi region.

Estate History

Initially, the white wine produced by the native Cortese grape was restaurant only, but in 1998 Gavi became a designated DOCG, Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, the highest classification Italian wines can be awarded. The territory now represents one of Italy's best Italian white wine-growing regions.

Vineyard Notes

In a nod of respect to this beautiful region, Picollo wine does not use herbicides. The company believes that good wine comes only from an excellent grape— why mess with mother nature? Currently, the company owns about 7 hectares of vineyards with an average vine age of 25/30 years. The site is exposed mainly to afternoon sunshine.

The Native Grape: Cortese

Think of this as a cool, green, steely Gavi, with cheeky fragrances and flavors of crispy honeydew melon, Key lime, and crisp, ripe, Granny Smith apple picked right at the height of ripeness.

Tasting Notes

It has more body than the regular Gavi but is still light (just 13.0% alcohol) and equally intense in its taste and finish. The mouthfeel is similar to a great dry Riesling, vivid and zesty. Flavors race across your palate — a touch of lime blossom on the nose repeats on the finish as delightful waves of green apple, tart peach, and fresh lime flavors, and thankfully they linger beautifully—outstanding value for price and taste. Don't wait!

Food Pairing

Excellent with appetizers, salads and summer dishes, vegetable risotto, white meat, grilled turkey, and roast chicken. Try it with fish Tartare, white meat, or seafood pasta.

Serving Temperature

50° to 53 ° F