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June 12th at 6 PM for a FUN‼


Laurence Klem of Worldwide Wines will taste and discuss

2️⃣ really awesome wines.


There's a little history to that hand on the label - ✋

and that's not wine dripping from the wrist.....

Long ago, during the 17th century, the O’Neills and O’Reillys were two revolutionary Irish families. They formed a rowing competition to reserve rights to some highly regarded land. The two rowing teams agreed that the first to touch the land, after rowing across the lake, would become ruler of the land. O’Neill’s boat was falling behind so a member of the crew grabbed his own sword, cut off his hand and threw it ashore, winning the title to rule the land. This land still remains in the family.

2️⃣Il Rose Di Casanova La Spinetta Why the Rhino on the label?🦏

This is undoubtedly the question we get asked most often. This unique animal adorning our bottles catches people's attention, but quite frankly there is no real connection between this animal and LA SPINETTA. The unspectacular truth is that Giorgio Rivetti has always been a great admirer of this celebrated drawing and woodcut by the German artist Albrecht Dürer, and therefore decided to depict the image on the labels of LA SPINETTA's wines.

Although there is no LA SPINETTA rhino story, there is certainly a great story behind this particular rhino, which is perhaps why Giorgio fell in love with this artwork. The drawing records the arrival of an Indian rhinoceros in Lisbon, Portugal in 1515. It was the first animal of its kind to be seen in Europe. As a gift from the governor of Portuguese India to the king of Portugal, a fight between a rhino and an elephant was arranged. The story goes that the elephant turned and fled. A description of this magnificent rhinoceros soon reached Germany, presumably through sketches, from which Dürer prepared this drawing and woodcut without ever having actually seen the animal in real life. So convincing was Dürer's fanciful creation that for the next 300 years European illustrators borrowed from his work, even after they had seen living rhinos without the plates and scales depicted in Dürer's drawing.

Inspired by the artistic talent of Dürer, we also chose one of his pencil drawings, the lion, to grace the label of our first Barolo Campè. As Barolo is generally known as the king of Italian reds, we thought that a representation of the king of all animals made for an ideal match.

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